Tiger Shroff’s Mom And Sis Break Their Silence On Ram Gopal Varma’s Mean Tweet

As we all know, Ram Gopal Varma is care of address for controversies. He likes pricking people with his unnecessary comments through this Twitter handle. He often passes his tweets on popular actors and actresses in Tollywood, Bollywood and even Hollywood. The current controversy is that the filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma wished the Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff for his 27th birthday on 2nd March 2017 through Twitter.

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Apart from his wishes, he started ridiculing Tiger Shroff by commenting on his photo wherein Tiger Shroff features coming out of the sea with a pair of jeans. He then advised the actor to learn masculinity from his father. Currently, the father of Tiger Shroff is acting in the upcoming film of Ram Gopal Varma titled ‘Sarkar 3’. The actor Jackie simply declined to give him a back comment on RGV’s tweet. Instead of Shroff, the mother of Shroff, Ayesha and sister Krishna were so particular and reacted to RGV’s tweet. At first, they simply kept serene and later they opened up.

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Ayesha said that she already knew the filth of Ramu’s rave. But, Tiger had not become upset due to his comment. She only said, “Why we still loosely use the outdated terms like ‘gay’ so as to describe the style of some person?” In addition, she said that everyone will have their own individual artistic expressions. In her opine, she said that a real man is a person who had a sense of treating a woman with utmost respect and she had two of them in life i.e., Jackie and Shroff.

On the other hand, his sister Krishna said that she had simply laughed upon reading the tweets of Ramu. In her words, she said, “Tiger is the ultimate man!” In retort to their reactions, RGV took Twitter to correct his statement about his comment on Tiger Shroff. He said that it was his opinion as a fan of Tiger and there is no other reason behind it. However, we are still unaware of the reaction of Tiger to RGV’s comments.

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