TV Anchor Reads Out Breaking News Of Her Husband’s Death, Maintains Composure During Live

We must salute to the journalists for what they are and who they present the news in the most dedicated way.  Their dedication towards their work and their professionalism sometimes make people surprised to an extreme extent.  One such incident that put the journalists a step higher happened yesterday.  Supreet Kaur, anchor of IBC-24 News channel is one of the popular anchors who has been anchoring for years now.

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Like every day, as per her regular schedule, she came to read out her news on Saturday morning’s live news bulletin and suddenly she was asked to read out breaking news and what shocked her is that the breaking news is about her husband’s death.  She was asked to read out the breaking news of a fatal accident involving a Renault Duster at Pithara, Mahasamund district.

Though the one who is reporting from the scene don’t have any idea that it was her husband, while reading Kaur came to realize that it was her husband she was reading out the news about.  She could instantly relate the incident as he was traveling in a Renault Duster on the same route with the same number of friends as per the information provided by the reporter.

TV Anchor reads out breaking news of her husband’s death live

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She acted so very professionally and maintained her composure while reading out the news in live.  She broke down later after walking out of the studio.  One of her colleague said “She is an extremely brave lady. We are proud of her as an anchor, but what happened today has left us in shock.”

It really is a shock to everyone and the 28-year-old anchor is literally a true professional and a brave lady.  She handled personal and professional lives of her so well.  The way she maintained her composure even after hearing the worst of her life is highly praiseworthy.

She set an example for many other people in the same profession and also in other professions.  The professionalism she maintained is winning hearts of many.

The accident involved a Renault Duster SUV carrying five people out of which three died in the spot, among which Kaur’s husband was one.  While reading out the news Kaur came to know that it was her husband who was dead in the accident and when the cameras were off she started calling her relatives and rushed to the accident site.

Published by Mamatha on 09 Apr 2017

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