Twitteratis Trolled Sonu Sood Confused for Sonu Nigam after tweeting about Azaan & Gundagardi

Arundhati movie fame Sonu Sood is currently facing some trolls from the Twitteratis. The popular singer Sonu Nigam had posted a slew of irritable tweets early this morning about Azaan. The actor Sonu Sood who had acquired massive popularity in the role of Pasupathi is currently confronting an identity crisis on the micro-blogging site. One last word in both the celebrities’ names has eluded the singer from the disgusting trolls from the Twitteratis.

People have mistaken the name of Sonu Sood as Sonu Nigam. In fact, the singer Sonu Nigam posted a tweet by complaining about the prayer that usually Muslims follow every day. In every morning, we can hear the Azaan and due to this sound, Nigam had to wake up forcibly because of that call to prayer. Nigam is not a Muslim and condemned the usage of loudspeakers they usually utilize in different places like mosques, temples and Gurdwaras. He described the sound as ‘gundagardi’.

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Immediately, after looking at the tweets of Sonu Nigam, the people on Twitter have started trolling Sonu Sood instead of the singer Nigam. The people fired up extremely and burned with anger after reading the tweets of Sonu Nigam. Some of them supported Nigam while some others on the social media have started blaming him for posting such tweets. Check out how people have trolled the innocent Sonu Sood on Twitter instead of Sonu Nigam!

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How Twitteratis Reacted & Trolled Innocuous Sonu Sood

A #BoycottSonu hashtag is being floated – only, Twitter can’t tell between the two Sonus and Mr Sood’s image and handle have been used in some posts.

No one is allowed to disrespect my religion, not gonna watch his movies anymore. #boycottsonu

Trolled, Mr Sood posted a plaintive tweet asking what’s really going on:

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I am still wondering WHO said WHAT n to WHOM 🤔🤔 n WHO’S asking me to find out WHAT happened WHERE

Are people going to unfollow Sonu Sood now?

People attacking Sonu Sood instead of Sonu Nigam are the same who attacked Snapdeal instead of Snapchat. These people deserve standing ovation!!

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If the Snapchat/Snapdeal debacle has taught us anything, I’m totally expecting Sonu Sood to run out of movie contracts any minute now.

Sonu Sood will soon regret his first name. #sonunigam

When people tag Sonu Sood instead of Sonu nigam!!

Till now, the singer Sonu Nigam who had started this whole nuisance has not yet noticed that people have trolled Sonu Sood instead of him.

Published by Mamatha on 17 Apr 2017

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