Varun Dhawan Finally Opens About His Girlfriend Natasha Dalal

It is no surprise that Varun Dhawan wants to get married soon and since we have been seeing him with his long-term girlfriend Natasha Dalal a lot lately, there could be good news making rounds soon enough. His latest confession regarding his relationship on ” reaching a good place” can speak a lot about wedding bells for Varun.

In a recent interview with a leading magazine, when Varun was asked if he deliberately decided to go public with Natasha, hand-in-hand to Shahid Kapoor’s pre-birthday bash, he said, “I am cool about it. In fact, I’ve always been cool about it. There’s nothing to hide. I just don’t want the focus to shift from my career to the relationship. That’s why I don’t talk much about it. What can one say about spending time with loved ones? I’m not denying anything at all, just that I don’t like to discuss it. I see it reaching a good place. (Smiles) She’s quite a handful so full credit to her for sticking by me. She’s one of the best people I’ve come across in my life.” 

Many may not know that Natasha and Varun have been together for over a decade now from their childhood. Their families are very well aware of their affair and support them through thick and thin. We don’t see where is the room for not happily ever after. Varun had also mentioned in one of the interviews in past that, his love life is very exciting. He had said, ” Why am I not speaking out about my private life? Because there is too much to speak about. It will overtake my professional life. I am telling you, my private life is very exciting. I know if I reveal something about my private life, then people will be not be interested in my work.”

Well, though we won’t mind him telling us his love story but if the actor decides to stay mum, we can just simply wait for the good news real soon.

Published by vaidehi on 22 Feb 2017

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