Video: Journalist covers his own wedding as ‘Breaking news’, Interviews the Bride

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There’s something about Pakistani Journalist we can’t ignore even if we try really hard. Earlier, Pakistan based journalist Chand Nawab became an internet sensation with his piece to camera at a railway station such that his character inspired Nawazzudin Siddiqui in ‘Bajrangi Bhaijan’.

And now, we have another Pakistani Journalist to tickle our bones who covered his own wedding as a ‘Breaking News’. Yes, his wedding was the Breaking News for their nation on his D-day.

The City41 channel’s journalist Hanan Bukhari covered his own wedding. Holding a mic and facing the camera, Hanan said, “My family members and I are very happy today. Since, it is a love marriage, my wife and her family members are happy too. My parents present here have gone to lengths and made arrangements to make this day come true.”

And that wasn’t it. He continued by to interview his father, mother, mother-in-law, and his wife too.

He asked his wife that how is she feeling about marrying him. To which his wife replied, “Bahot acha laga mujhe, bahot acha laga mujhe aapne meri pehli khwaaish puri ki,main ummeed karti hoon aap aage bhi isi tarah saari zindagi,saari khwaaishein aap puri karenge, aap mujhe khush rakhenge (I am very happy today. You fulfilled my first wish, I hope you fulfil all my future wishes and keep me happy.),”

Twitter is going crazy after this hilarious incident:

However, few are questioning the real Journalism as well. we can’t decide whether to laugh at it or be upset about it.



Published by Kanika Saini on 05 Feb 2018

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