Video: Vikas Turns Shameless During The Task, Asks Hina To Destroy His Mother’s Pic

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Vikas Gupta has turned the dictator in the house and Hina Khan is continuously refusing to obey Vikas’ order. This has left Vikas left fuming. While she was just having some fun pulling his leg, Vikas took it rather seriously. He even refused to do the task after Hina repeatedly asked him to complete the task. But looks like she convinced him to do the task after all.

In tonight’s sneak peek episode of Bigg Boss 11, we can see Hina wearing the saree that Vikas had asked her to drape. But Vikas is seen taking the task to a whole new level.

Gupta asks Hina to destroy his bracelet that is very precious to him and to destroy a cushion with his mother’s picture on it by stepping on it.
Hina complains about how low Vikas can stoop for money and the task just to make her look bad on camera. She even cries later on and taunts Vikas for making her cry even on the last day in the house.

The actress also announces before doing the task that she will do whatever it takes to save the prize money that only the winner deserves. She crushes Vikas’ bracelet with a dumbbell.
Vikas later apologises to his mother before he hands the cushion over to Hina. He also asks Hina to empty a bottle of coffee that she had been saving for her parents when she goes home.

While Puneesh Sharma tries to stop Vikas, he does what he thinks is right. Hina is also quite stubborn that she will not hit the buzzer and does all the tasks grudgingly.

Published by Harmisha Chauhan on 12 Jan 2018

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