Vijay Mallya and his lavish parties

The flamboyant businessman Vijay Mallya is quite popular for organising parties for each and every occasion. Every year, Vijay Mallya celebrates his birthday in a grand and magnificent manner. He goes through different places so as to enjoy the party in an incredible manner. He has own residence in Goa in Candolim. Every time, he invites top-most personalities and celebrities, popular industrialists and many others to the parties that he usually organise. Earlier, in the year 2015, he had celebrated his 60th birthday for 3 days.

In the party, Sonu Nigam had given ultimate performance on one of the nights in order to enhance the party mood for all the people. Vijay Mallya is pretty well-known for organising parties in a unique way with exceptional themes. Sometimes, he organises the parties and invites popular actresses to the events.

Vijay Mallya, the business tycoon had become the member of the Akhila Bharata Janata Dal and joined Janata Party in the year 2003. He worked as a National Working President in that party till the year 2010. Later, he elected to Rajya Sabha in the year 2002. For the second time, Vijay Mallya elected as the member in Bharatiya Janata Party.

Published by Mamatha on 18 Apr 2017

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