What Happens When You Use Conditioner Like They-Say-It For a Month

The idea of this article is to make you understand what happens if you avoid lather from applying it on your hair. So, this article is a no-to-shampoo and focuses only on co-washing. Now, taking for an instance, a lady, Jeannie Kim, tried using conditioner only that too for a month and what happened afterwards is here. First, to start with, she is having a lot of hair quantity but the hair texture is fine. She is having a slight wavy but mostly straight hair, even a bit of oily scalp.

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We have also been suggested to wash our scalps with lather and then apply the conditioner only on the length and ends of hair. But the conditioner label says a different version of it. The conditioner label suggests that apply conditioner direct on your scalp and massage it for quite a time. This lady did exactly what was written on the label. And she was surprised to see the result by her own, there were only a few of tangles.

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How does it feel after co-washing? Hair feels wavier. But it feels like the second day of washing which means hair seems soft but a bit of texture. To add another fact in the co-washing process, it doesn’t really save time if you are thinking that eliminating a whole process will help you to save time. In the second week of co-washing, she felt her hair much greasier than the usual before.

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Even she felt that oiliness on her face also. In the third week, she felt normal again. And after a month of co-washing, she doesn’t want to go back to shampoo as it gives a dried texture to your hair.

Published by vaidehi on 16 Jan 2017

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