Have You Ever Wondered Why Buttons On Shirts Are On Opposite Sides For Man And Woman?

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While man and woman have many things opposite, have you ever wondered why buttons in Women’s shirt are on the left side while they are on right side in Man’s shirt?

According to various fashion historians, earlier clothes contained hidden weapons. If a man had a hidden gun, it was easy for a man to reach buttons to take out a weapon with their dominant hand.

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Before guns became popular, the way man drawn swords were said to be a reason for man’s buttons on left side. In other words, when drawing a weapon, you would not want it to catch on your jacket or shirt. Having the buttons on the right side would eliminate this problem.

But why are buttons one left side in woman’s shirt?

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One theory is that when buttons were invented in the 13th century, the woman wearing the shirt wasn’t necessarily the person buttoning it. One more theory is women held babies with their left hands, so they needed their right hand to open their shirt buttons for breastfeeding.One more theory is that wealthy women liked to ride horses sideways. Having the buttons on the left would reduce the amount of airflow entering their shirts.

These are surely some possible valid reasons for buttons being on opposite side of man and woman.

Published by Bhaumik Raja on 29 Jan 2018

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