Have You Ever Wondered What ‘X’ At The End Of Indian Trains Indicate? Here Is The Explanation About It!

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Trains in India are very important means of transport. Every day, millions of people travel by train and reach their destination quickly. However, there are some things, people don’t know about Indian trains, have a look at some details you must know about the trains.

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Have you ever wondered about the big ‘X’ at the tail of train? Many may have observed it and many may have not, but let us tell you that the X indicates that the train is complete and there is no problem in between.

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The training staff has also started a ‘red lamp’ near the X, it glows red in every five seconds. Earlier, oil was used to make it shine but now electric power supply is used for the same.

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There is also a board hanging near the X with words ‘LV’. The color of it is either black or white and it indicates that the train is safe. If the board is missing, it is a message for authorities that the train is in danger and immediate steps are needed to be taken.

Published by Bhaumik Raja on 25 Dec 2017

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