These working laws in different countries will make you love your job even more

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In the professional world, some of the seniors believe in hard work rather than smart work. Employs who work till late at night even their shift is finished are considered to be a better worker than the one who smartly finishes their work and leaves the office within working hours.

Well if this is the theory then we Indians should be considered hard workers. Right?

What if I tell you about some work laws about 9 cities around the globe? Interesting? I am sure this will make you change your city and work there or maybe you at least you can cry after listening to the laws. This will make you think that with work you should also have some other advantages.

Japan: Mandatory nap time

In Japan, it is perfectly normal to take a nap between work hour. This practice is called Inemuri (Jhapki Lena). It is the sign of hard work and it increases your efficiency. Isn’t it quite interesting?

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Netherlands: Three-day weekend

We are working here six-day for a week and the workers in Netherland are getting three days week off. The laws are created keeping in mind that there has to be a healthy balance between work and life. Moreover, the vacations are paid.

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Austria: Compulsory paid vacation

The working population of Austria gets 22 days of paid vacation, and those who have completed 25 years of employment can ask for more. And if they work on those days, they get double the pay. Wow!

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Germany: Ban on working Saturdays

As India is banning more these days we should ask for a ban on working Saturdays. The government of Germany feels that the youth should live their life as well, and hence Saturdays should never be working. It depends on you how you utilize this.

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Europe: Work time is inclusive of travel time

Two years ago, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that the time you spent in travelling to work will also be included in working hours. What a life!


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Portugal: No firing

Employers in Portugal cannot be fired until the one decides to give resignation and have been compensated with a decent retirement package.

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UAE: Reading break

Book lovers attention, please! There is a new national law of reading which has been introduced in the UAE, that allows employees to read at work.

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Belgium: Career breaks

In Belgium, it is considered a healthy practice to leave a job and go on a vacation. In fact, the employees are paid all their expenses for a period of up to one year for these “career breaks”. They can even use this paid leave of one year in installments.

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Australia: Flextime

In Australia, you can decide your working hours and days by yourself, under the ‘practice of Flextime’. Moreover, you can even use your overtime to nullify the working hours.

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I know your heart is aching after hearing these laws. So, in which country or city you are shifting to?


Published by Soniya Kaur on 10 Mar 2018

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