Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th August 2017: Shagun all set to recall; to stop her marriage with Ashok

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In the newest installment of most popular show, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, main protagonist Ishita informs Shagun that she will assist her to solve the legalities of her wedding with Ashok. Everybody shocks why Ishita is backing up this marriage ceremony. Ishita informs them that there are possibilities of her recalling her memoirs and there is no stopping Ashok.

Next we witness Ishita notifying everyone comprising Mr Bhalla, Aadi, Aaliya, Mrs Iyer, as well as Ruhi that they can’t prevent Ashok in any case and there is a high prospect that Shagun can remember the whole thing if she’ll wed in the similar atmosphere and between similar people.

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Ishita asks if any individual baosts of a better proposal and if not then they must carry on with this proposal with highest positivity.

Aadi questions if Ashok would be in agreement for the court wedding when Ishita informs him that Shagun has already influenced Ashok for that.

Shagun gets all set with the attires she had on during her marriage with Mani. Ishita also asks her to put on the necklace in addition. Ishita trusts she remembers everything with the intention that shagun doesn’t get wedded to Ashok.

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Shagun reaches the court and feels dizziness. She has flashbacks of her memory. She memorizes Mani and feels woozy, she informs Ashok that she wants clean air and heads out.

Their registrar changes and Ashok follows his legal representative to witness what has ocured. Shagun is worried when a man welcomes her.

The registrar informs her that he was the registrar who wedded her with Mani. Ishita observes them and expects that she recalls her marriage ceremony.

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Shagun leaves the court and doubts what is going on with her, she looks at the plank of courtyard and imagines that something is there which she isn’t remembering, and there is something, which appears like a misplaced memory when a person comes and welcomes her.

Ishita is watching them from the backside of a wall and prays that she remembers everything as this is the final hope and the registrar explains and shows Shagun her and Mani’s wedding record.

Published by Mamatha on 09 Aug 2017

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