Yes, There Were Few Typical Baraatis at Virushka’s Wedding. Guess who were they?

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Virushka’s wedding was just perfect. Well, that’s how you think. No Indian wedding can ever be perfect. There would definitely be a rishtedaar who was not happy with the arrangements. And there are people who just came to have food. A similar thing happened at Virushka’s wedding.

When everyone is still in awe of wedding pictures of Virushka, A Twitter user came up with an imaginary account of the guests who attended the wedding function in Italy. Right from ‘Naraaz Phupha’ to ‘ Canede wala NRI cousin’, he has covered all sorts and breeds of relatives who are normally seen in a conventional Indian wedding.

Have a look at the guest list:

1- Naraaz Phuphaji:

2- Responsible Elder Brother who will handle everything.

3- The Jugaadu Friend:

4-  The enthusiastic Jija ji who forcefully takes you to the dance floor

5- The Shareef Dost:

6- Canada Wala NRI Cousin:

7- Waiting to get Kambal:

8- Tauji who gets Out too soon:

9- Because Naagin Dance is Important:

10- Dulhe ki Sisters in Form:

11- Because kisi ko to naraz hona pdega:

12- Someone who owns the DJ:

13- The Office Colleagues who recently got married: 

14- And some Bachelor Friends from college:

15- Some more Naraaz Rishtedaar:

16- South wale dost:

17- Because Mausa Ji and their storie are the best:

18- Friends add fun to wedding:

19- That Typical aunty:

20- The big-hearted Bhaiya:

Well, this was definitely hilarious.

Published by Kanika Saini on 14 Dec 2017

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