These 10-Minute Core & Abs Home Exercises Will Surely Keep You Fit During Quarantine

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Amid the existing situation all over the globe, people have been forced to get locked themselves inside their homes. With the majority of parts of the nation under lockdown, we cannot leave our places even for our morning workouts. In this condition, a lot of people think that they will be unable to follow their daily exercise routine that will affect their fitness goal. But, you can follow these short exercise routines to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Nutrition and training expert Nidhi Kamal Mohan has an impeccable 10-minute exercise for your core and abs, which you can carry out smoothly at your home. The routine boasts of 5 workouts that can be repeated in 3 sets of 25 reps each.

Dead Bug – Lie down with hand and legs overextended towards the upper direction. Now take your right arm and your left leg down and then come back the early spot. You can repeat the exercise with the other hand and leg. This workout helps highlight and stabilize your core.

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Thursday morning top-superset for your booty 🍑👌🏼 Give them a go 😊➡️ ➡️ Kneeling good-mornings + Kneeling squats 🔥🍑 If you love squatting for your booty try the kneeling ones instead – for MUCH HIGHER glute activation than your regular squats. (No, squats will not give you a 'squat- booty', they assist for sure but squats should be low on your priority list if want to grow your backside alone. However if need stronger legs too – sure thing squat (moderate- to heavy) for days! 😊 Everything in balance! #balanceiskey #kneelingsquats #kneelinggoodmorning #thursday #morningtraining #supersets #annamariabodzas #personaltrainer #hampsteadpersonaltrainer #squats #instavideos #fitnesslife

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Kneeling good morning – Begin a high plank with your right knee, try to make a circle staring from one elbow to the other, and repeat the process for the other leg.

Plank with leg twist – Start with a high plank and turn your body to one side by lifting your arm in the air. Currently, bring your butt to the ground. Now try the same with the other arm.

Bear Crawl – Begin with standing on all fours. Walk sidelong in the similar place. Take four steps to the right side and then another four to your left. The bear crawl works your muscles, core and helps increase stability. It is also good for your shoulders, arms and glutes.

Side Plank Lift – Rest on your right knee and your left leg stretched out to the side. Like in a push-up, bring your upper body to the ground and then back up. Repeat the same on the other side. A side plank lift is good for your posture, movement, core and balance.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 25 Mar 2020

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