25-YO Navin Sings Regularly Outside Churchgate To Keep His Vision Of Being A Singer Alive

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Published by Vijay Singh on 16 May 2018

A person sitting on the floor may not attract hoards of people who come to Churchgate station in Mumbai to commence their homeward trip during the evening. But, what they all don’t overlook is his performance of well known Bollywood numbers supported by a karaoke speaker with the unique score and chorus of the number together. A lot of people stop there and enjoy as he sings everything from Mohammed Rafi to Shirdiwale Saibaba on the busy roadway outside the busiest railway station.

As per, 25-year-old Navin Poddar belongs to Mumbai who got shifted here from Bihar during August last year. Since the month of January, he has included his perfect singing art into his everyday routine.

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Like lacs of young males who come to Mumbai in search of work from diverse parts of the nation, Poddar also reached the city of Mumbai to fulfill his dreams.

“When I first came here, I did not know anything about the city. I did not know anyone here. Some friends know that I sing well and suggested that I sing at Churchgate,” he stated.

Poddar, who is a call center employee in Churchgate, stops at the station for some time while going back to his home to Nallasopara. Beginning at 7 pm, he goes on, sometimes, till 10 pm.

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“This is my way of meeting new people and getting to know how to make a living in Mumbai. Right now I do not know where to go if I want to establish myself as a professional singer,” he said.

People going to the railway station during the busy hours give him a few minutes to listen.

“Some people have told me that some film studios are located in Goregoan. That is how I am able to understand now where to go and whom to approach,” he said.

His public presentations have also led to a few other gigs.

“Singing is an addiction for me. When I sign I feel a lot happier,” he said.

Poddar, who also spent a few years in the national capital, did not obtain any training in music. But, his income from moonlighting at Churchgate does not add a considerable sum to his salary of Rs 10,000.

“There have been times when the police have asked me to clear out. But each time I have managed to persuade them to let me stay and sing. I don’t make a lot of noise and do not disturb anyone,” he added.

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