A 28-year-old woman, arrested for sneaking into school to promote her Instagram page

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Published by Ananya on 14 May 2021

As per cops, a 28-year-old woman decided to dress up as a high school student and sneak into a Florida prom to promote her Instagram page. Audrey Nicole Francisquini, dressed as a student and carrying a backpack, walked into the front entrance of American Senior High School in Hialeah on Monday, according to reports. While inside, she allegedly approached several students and handed out printed pamphlets with her Instagram handle on them, all while recording herself walking around the school on her phone.

Her plan to gain more followers, however, was quickly dashed when school security guards discovered her wandering the halls. At that point, the woman informed the security personnel that she was looking for the registration office but continued to walk through the school to meet more students. The guards eventually stopped her for the second time, and after being stopped again, Francisquini fled the school.

The cops were able to locate her by checking her Instagram account. Audrey was arrested at her home in North Miami Beach and charged with burglary, trespassing on a school, and resisting an officer without violence.

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