28-YO Man Pays Rs 55 Lakh For Surgical Process To Increase Height From 5’11” To 6’1”

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As per the latest reports, a 28-year-old man from the city of Dallas, Texas has positioned a fresh record by increasing his height by the way of surgical operation. The man named Alfonso Flores always wished to be taller. When he was just 12 years old, he wanted a few more inches to look taller but his nears and dears cautioned him not to have any kind of ‘unnecessary’ treatment.

Alfonso Flores is a freelancer and pre-med pupil.

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In his statement, Mr Flores stated, “I know 5’11 is a great height, and many people would love to be that tall, but I wanted just a little more than that.”

“I decided to go for 6’1 because I started off at a great height and wanted to retain as much of my athletic ability and range of motion as possible. I seem to have retained all of it because I am able to squat the same as before,” Mr Flores added up

He also said that he wanted to fulfill this dream at any cost.

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Mr Flores had to make a payment of about $75,000 (approx Rs 55 lakh) for the surgical operation that was carried out by Harvard-trained orthopedic specialist Dr Kevin Debiparshad of The LimbplastX Institute in the city of Las Vegas.

The said height increasing process can assist a person in increasing height by around six inches.

The man had a cosmetic limb-lengthening surgical procedure. It is an elective process in which the leg frames get cut to increase a device, which slowly springs them out to lengthen a person’s overall height. Dr Debiparshad made the clarification.

“It is an X-ray based surgery where I make four to six small incisions into the leg, allowing access to the hollow part of the bone, where I insert a device that responds to an external remote control that the patient controls at home,” he further added.

The surgical procedures start at $75,000 for a femur-lengthening process – which is what Alfonso got – and go up to $84,000 for a tibia-lengthening surgery.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 21 Jan 2021

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