3 YO Dog Is A Superdog, Saved 4 Lives

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Published by Admin on 11 Aug 2018

Dogs are called Human Best Friends for a reason. You can’t find any other creature as loyal as a dog. And this, is the reason people nowadays prefer to own a pet than to befriend human beings just. Dogs give unparalleled loyalty and unconditional love. For the dog parents, his/her dog is like their own baby and for the dog, its whole world is around his owner. That’s how beautiful a dog-human relation is.

Recently, we came across a similar story as dog saved lives of 4 people. A 3-year-old small and fluffy poodle named Divi was credited to save 4 lives after a residence caught fire. A multifamily home in Marlborough, Massachusetts had caught fire in the night and as per the reports, the dog started barking at around 2.30 am. His loud and constant barking woke up the two people who were sleeping on the top floor of duplex.

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Assistant fire chief Fred Flynn told  a leading daily that everyone in the home — four humans and two dogs total, including Divi — was able to escape the fire without injury. However, the house was severely damaged and could not be salvaged despite fire crews’ best efforts to get the flames under control.

According to the reports, the blaze was so intense that the neighboring homes had to be evacuated immediately.

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A neighbor said, “We thought it was our house [that was on fire] at first because the door was knocked down and you could smell smoke coming in through the hallway.”

The reason for the fire is unknown and under investigation but people are thankful to the dog who saved several nights that night.

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