A 40 Ft Bridge Was Constructed By Indian Army For Commuters During Heavy Rains In Kerala

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Published by Admin on 13 Aug 2018

The continuous rains have caused a lot of problems in Kerala which has led people’s daily life come to a standstill. Some videos are doing the rounds of the social media where we can see how so many people in Kerala have lost their homes, families, shops, vehicles and more.

However, in the midst of all the chaos, there is a bunch of people who are there to help the people on these tough times and that is our very own Indian Army. Army personnel on numerous occasions has acted as a hero for the local people in various parts of the nation and now they have gotten their fight in Kerala.

Indian Army Engineering services constructed a temporary bridge in Malappuram, which was hit severely by the rains. These men left all the important work they had quickly to build a 40 ft improvised foot over bridge using local resources in the area.

Indian Army is every now and then has been a big help for the people during troubled times. The pictures of the same are doing the rounds of the social media and everyone is going gaga over their efforts and the way acted as the true heroes to save the commuters from the hassle.

Take a look at the pictures here:

“#Update 2018. #Engineer Task Force constructs 40 ft Improvised Foot Over Bridge using local resources in Area #Wandoor (Naduvath-Vellambram rd). #IndianArmy #Nation #First . We are at it. #OpMadad #KeralaFloodRelief”

A Twitter user who is also a digital marketer took to Twitter to share the pictures and captioned, “Whatever it takes, we’re there! Think twice before you question #IndianArmy next time.”

“Indian Army Engineering services built a temporary bridge in Malappuram , which was hit badly by the flood. Thank you for your prompt n dedicated service even during bad weather. #IndianArmy”

“DSC is a team of retired soldiers of #IndianArmy On remployement they man defence installations security. As veteran you can guess thier age. But here they are, geared up fully to give all to save #Indians in #Spirit of #Soldier never dies. @sherajai @adgpi”

Hats off to the Indian Army!

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