5-YO Boy Donates Baby Yoda Doll To Firefighters; Says ‘Here’s A Friend In Case You Get Lonely’

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A five years old young boy has sent a toy version of the pointy-eared force user to firefighters. The boy and his grandmother have delivered it to a donation center for the firefighters. They did it on the 12th of September. They wrote a note which said, “here is a friend in case you get lonely.”

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Baby Yoda has become the new force on the side of firefighters of Beleaguered in the western United States. He has been taken to four wildfires that occurred in two states. Baby Yoda has been ridden to helicopters. He has helped to check people’s body temperature for the pandemic. He has even been used to move Pulaski, a firefighting tool.

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There is a page on Facebook called “Baby Yoda fights fires.” The page is following his journey and taking notes. Over 30,000 Facebook users follow the page and enjoy the pleasure of his traveling across the crews.

One little gesture can become an act of great kindness, said a 54-year old Scappoose named Sasha Tinning. The woman went shopping for things to give to the firefighters with Carver, her grandson when she saw Baby Yoda. Tinning found him to be “darn cute little fella,” as he was looking at her.

“I turn around and this Baby Yoda is just looking right at me and he was a darn cute little fella,” Tinning said.

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She expressed her wish to take Baby Yoda to firefighters. Then Carver, her 5-year old grandson, and companion of all good deeds chimed in. The boy suggested donating Baby Yoda to the firefighters as their friend. Carver thought they would need a friend now. Then Tinning wrote a heart-touching note and sent it to the firefighters along with the “friend.” Carver had his signature on the note.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 03 Oct 2020

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