52-Yr-Old Pune Man Aims To Save 1 Lakh Trees In 2018 By Selling Recycled Newspaper Pencils

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Published by Vijay Singh on 05 Aug 2018

As per reports, wood obtained from a single 20 feet trees help manufactures around 2,500 pencils. This entails that to make 15 billion pencils, around 6 million trees get chop down every year.

What if we can put a different procedure into operation in order to produce pencils by making use of recycled paper in place of chopping trees?

Mission to save 1 lakh trees

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The 52 year old mechanical engineer from Pune, Rajesh Singh wished to spread knowledge on paper pencils as his input for the advantage of our communal environment. Having worked in the business area for around 22 years, Singh felt that it was high time for a change.

After giving up his job in the year 2012, he travelled to diverse portions of the country and intermingled with a lot of local artisans. Amazed by the cultural assortment and tradition, Rajesh met a few of them and introduced his platform gograameen.com to display and sell environment friendly goods.

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Rajesh is avid about his proposal and talked about how his entry in eco-friendly products aided him comprehend the prospective of paper pencils.

”A few months ago, I was designing a wooden stationery box (from recycled wood) and during discussions with similar minds, one of them suggested to me to work on the contents of the stationary box. I found that pencils made of upcycled newspapers are manufactured in India, but surprisingly, very few have used one and even I had not seen one till then. The effects of changing over from wooden pencils to newspaper pencils are huge for the environment,” he added.

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Rajesh approximated that about 4 lakh trees get chop down in the country alone every year for manufacturing wooden pencils.

He said that a box of his ten environment freindly recycled newspaper pencils is valued at Rs 50.

“My mission is to try and spread awareness which will help me achieve my goal of saving 100,000 trees (if not more) in this calendar year,” declared Rajesh.

He is busy making talks with schools, corporates and NGOs to use paper pencils and mentioned that Delhi Public School (North) in Bangalore recently consented to test 3,000 recycled newpaper pencils.

“Over next ten years, millions of trees can be saved from being cut. A small premium paid today for the changeover from wooden pencils to newspaper pencils can save all of us from higher hospital bills in the future. Our children and their children will surely have a better future,” hopes Rajesh.

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