8 Real-Life Superheroes Who Risked Their Lives to save others

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Published by Vijay Singh on 11 Jun 2018

Like what we see in the movies and imagine the superheroes to be, they don’t actually wear masks and fly in the sky.  People who are courageous and strive for others are also superheroes. Today we will tell you about the 11 superheroes who inspire us to be courageous.

  1. Heroic teens who lifted an overturned car to help trapped woman inside

Few US teenagers from a football team recently joined hands to rescue accident victims in Oregon. The teens lifted the car that was overturned and saved the woman who was trapped inside.

Boise Black Knights 2018. On the way home from winning National Championship in San Jose the vans came upon this accident. TheyRescued the man and trapped woman inside by lifting the vehicle up. This is the true definition of teamwork,Compassion and strength. I am in awe of this amazing team. Please share!

Gepostet von Rachel Vasquez am Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2018

  1. Benedict Cumberbatch who saved a cyclist from muggers

Cumberbatch pulled off a Sherlock when he saved a cyclist from four muggers near Baker Street in London. The actor stopped in mid-transit from his Uber ride to chase away the muggers attacking the cyclist.

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  1. Brave sisters who fought off six armed robbers to save their dad

Two sisters saved his father and their jewellery shop from six robbers who came there to loot.  They managed to chase the robbers away and save their father.

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  1. Parisian who scaled a building to save a dangling child from a balcony

A Malian man was hailed as ‘Spiderman’ after he scaled a building to save a toddler from falling. He was praised for his brave act and was even granted citizenship by the local government.


  1. Man who saved two minor girls from becoming a human sacrifice

Two minor girls, aged 11 and 8, were kidnapped by a 65-year-old man who intended to use them as sacrificial offerings. A man named Imran Bhai Shah, a server at a Surat mosque rescued the two girls.  For his brave act he was rewarded Rs 70,000 by the police.

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  1. Sikh police officer who saved a Muslim youth from mob lynching

Sub-Inspector Gagandeep Singh shielded a young man from a mob that most certainly would have lynched the latter. The Muslim boy was meeting a Hindu girl near a crowded temple in Girija village in Nainital when a mob turned violent and tried to Lynch him.  Gangadeep shielded him and protected him from the mob.

  1. Brave woman who fought off a leopard to save her daughter

Thirty-year-old Muthulakshmi was picking firewood in the backyard of their house with her daughter when a leopard pounced on the girl and began dragging her away by her neck. The mother hit the leopard so hard with the firewood that the animal ran away from there leaving the girl.

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  1. Muslim man who broke his Ramzan fast to donate blood to a child

Jawed Alam broke his Ramzan fast and donated blood to Rajesh Kumar, a child suffering from a blood disorder called thalassemia. The man consumed juice and donated blood to the child on heeding doctors advise.

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We salute such heroes!

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