80% of the total patients are from 5 states and 60% are from five most-affected cities, says Govt

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Positive patients in India are growing rapidly as the highest of around 6,500 new patients registered in the last 24 hours. This is increasing the pressure on the government and state authorities as the toll has reached 1,25,101 so far. A total of 3,720 people have lost their lives in this infection spread.

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According to the updated data provided by the government, around 8-% of the total patients are from the 5 states of India which are: Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Delhi, and Madhya Pradesh. These five states are severely affected by this infection and alone Maharashtra is having 41,642 patients out of which, 1,454 people have lost their lives.

Coming to the top 5 contaminated cities from where the maximum number of patients are registered are Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad, and Thane. Mumbai is among the most-affected city in the country with a total of over 44,000 positive patients.

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NITI Aayog member Dr. V K Paul has said that the effectively extended lockdown has helped the country to mask the infection spread to a certain extent. Faster treatment offered by the medical centers is helping in the quick recovery of patients. Dr. Paul also said after analyzing the impact of lockdown on certain states, it has given clear data which areas could be opened after the lockdown with fewer restrictions.

Published by Ishan Soni on 23 May 2020

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