A 16-Year-Old Builds Inexpensive PCs For The Needy And Also Teaches Them To Use Technology

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Published by Vijay Singh on 29 Jul 2018

Aryan Singh is a 16-year-old teenager who is in news these days. In a cramped loaner office with his father in tow, he comes off as affable, genuine, and down-to-earth. But let’s take a moment and know what this 16-year-old has done and we bet you will be totally surprised as he is all set to conquer the world one day.

Well, you won’t believe but the 16 year old is the CEO of not just one but two startups. No, I am not kidding! He calls one of it as a source of his come while the other one is purely a non-profit charity organisation.

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A company named EazyTech which is a non-profit organization was started by Aryan while he was still in high-school. He realised he was fairly well off, with easy access to technology, his first love while he was living in Rajasthan. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for other villages in his state, some of which even don’t even have basic Internet facilities.

He didn’t realize this immediately but it took some time and a situation where he was successful to known about this unfortunate truth. You see, Aryan’s first real foray into the the public sector was with a simple app. It was a sort of citizens’ forum for people to raise complains and queries with their local government, for everything from a lack of drinking water to potholes on the roads.

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“I sent a description and link to the app to the government, but I got no response,” he bemoans. “That’s when I realised some villages in Rajasthan don’t even have internet, they won’t know what a computer is. How could they use this app?”

EazyComputeBox was launched in the year 2016, and with it the foundation of eazyTech. It’s fundamentally a small PC somewhat big than your palm. Aryan says he based it off a model he made in the seventh standard, utilizing single-board PCs like the Odroid and Raspbery Pi. These are PC motherboards stripped down to the minimum necessities for low power use, while likewise enabling you to include modules like HDMI out and USB in.

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Aaryan says, “I’ve been messing with computer hardware as long as I can remember. Eventually, I started coding when I was 12, to make the hardware I was building actually work. I started with Python, and then went through C++, Java, and all the others.”

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