A Plate Of Two Samosas Costs Rs 212 At Goa Airport, People Are Unhappy

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Published by Admin on 16 Aug 2018

Gone are the times when Samosas and chutney would cost a mere 10 bucks a plate, welcome to the world of ‘mehengaayi badh gayi hai’ aka inflation has taken over lives.

A leading daily’s post showing a ridiculously high bill for a plate of samosas.

Here is the proof:

image source

The post claims that the Samosas were bought at the Goa airport and it cost a whopping Rs 212. A plate of samosas generally has two samosas. Now, we all are aware of the fact that food prices at airports are always over the top, but this might be some kind of a record.

The post triggered a string of arguments on Reddit, here are the things people pointed out:

#1 Touche

#2 True that.

#3 Burn!

#4 Life right now!

#5 Lifehack to save your pocket at the airport.

Can you believe this?

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