Aaaliyah Kashyap stars in short film ‘Gayatri’ made by friend Ida Ali

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Published by Arushi Agrawal on 11 Jun 2021

Aaliyah Kashyap starred in a short film made by her friend Ida Ali. The film is called ‘Gayatri’ and was made by Ida for a college project. Aaliyah and Ida have been best friends since childhood. Ida is the daughter of filmmaker Imtiaz Ali and wants to follow in his footsteps of making films while Aaliyah is the daughter of filmmaker Anurag Kashyap but she still hasn’t revealed if she wants to be behind the camera or in front of it.

Ida and Aaliyah live together in Los Angeles and attend Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media.

In the 3.45 minutes long movie made by Ida, Aaliyah plays a shy girl who moves from her home in India to the US for higher education. At a party, she feels lost and alone and decides to sit in a room alone but the host of the party spots her and strikes a conversation which soon turns into a meaningful one and helps Aaliyah by introducing her to the party.

The film received positive reviews from their friends with people saying that it is really heartfelt.

Anurag Kashyap has earlier said that he won’t introduce Aaliyah in any of his films. He said that she can’t just decide that I want to be an actor one day. If she wants work then she will have to earn it by auditioning.

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