Aaliyah Kashyap releases a new vlog featuring her US boyfriend alongside her dad. Watch the video here

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Published by Ananya on 14 Jun 2021

Aaliyah, film maker Anurag Kashyap’s daughter, studies in the United States but is currently in Mumbai. Aaliyah is a lifestyle, fashion, and beauty vlogger. She has her own YouTube channel.

She recently released a vlog on her YouTube channel titled “my boyfriend visits India for the first time!” wherein she features her American boyfriend Shane Gregoire. The video also features Anurag, her father, who greets the two at his residence.

Aaliyah started the video by giving a quick tour of her room at her father’s house before heading to the airport to meet Shane. She shows her boyfriend enjoying traditional tasty Indian food including dal, paneer, and rice in her vlog. Later, he and Aaliyah have Indian fast food such as chole bhature, samosa, bhel puri, and paani Puri. The star kid serves him his first paani Puri, and when he eats it, he gives a million dollar reaction. Shane seemed to love all of the Indian Traditional cuisine.

On the other hand, Anurag appeared a bit jealous when he watched them eat chole bhature since he can’t have oily food due of his heart problem. For those who don’t know Anurag Kashyap had recently undergone angioplasty.

You may see the video here:


At the end of the video, Aaliyah mentioned that she will be making more vlogs on their trip to India. The two have been together for a time now. The star kid previously revealed that she met him on a dating app.

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