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Hi! There and welcome to Laughingcolours.com

After much research psychologists have found out that laughter has the power to not just heal your soul but also your body. But we don’t really need to be experts to know that do we? We know by experience how laughter uplifts your mood instantly ! In fact it is the cheapest form of therapy and that’s what we at Laughing Colours aim to bring. We aim to bring that laughter into your lives and add colours to your life everyday.

Laughing Colours earlier known as RS Entertainment is the only agency which manages stand- up comedians exclusively under the lineage of RS Entertainment.We manage Talent of all kinds from comedians to dancers, singers, exclusive musical bands and unique acts. We even help you choose the right artist for the kind of events that you plan.

We at Laughing Colours believe in constantly upgrading ourselves and exploring new avenues in talent and celebrity management to provide you the best. We look forward to experiment and keep challenging ourselves to explore more and create new benchmarks in the industry.

Some of the talents out of our agency are listed on Forbes list today. To name a few ; Kapil Sharma whose name is good enough to bring a smile to your face, comedian Raju Srivastava who  has been the fountainhead to all the aspiring stand-up comedians including Kapil Sharma! Bharti Singh, Sunil Pal, VIP, Suresh Albela, Mamta Sharma, Kamal Khan, Sugandha Mishra, RJ Malishka and an endless list of other talents. The late legend Ravindra Jain was also managed by us.

Some of the events our company has organised are with well known names from the industry like; Vishal Shekher, Anupum Kher, Sonu Nigam, Malaika Arora Khan, Rekha Bhardwaj, Abhay Deol, Hashdeep Kaur, Vidya Balan, Sheker Suman, Alka Yagnik, Irfan Khan, Hema Malini to name a few.

We started by creating jokes on our Facebook platform, and now we are in our second decade as a company. Over the years we have broadened our horizons by adding more content in the form of videos and interesting articles, managing social media accounts for our clients, besides organising events and handling talent.In short, we create interesting original content.

As far as the Social Media platform is concerned we keep ourselves abreast with the latest trends and that’s perhaps why today we have a fan page of over 29 Million plus followers on Facebook ! A website with over 1 lakh visitors daily and a growing number on our YouTube Channel, Instagram, Hello, TikTok, Likee, Twitter. All of this proves that we all need some laughter, smiles, chuckles and happiness to keep us going in life! And that’s exactly where Laughing Colours steps in!

 We have a team of experts in our content, social media,event and talent management teams who work diligently to give you the best. From trending jokes, to gossip, movie reviews,helping you pick a movie to watch, everything you want to know about your favorite celebrity, choosing the right talent for your events or help you organise an event, we have a solution for it all under one roof at Laughing Colours. So look no further!

P.S A word of advice from us: Never trust people who don’t laugh often!

STATUTORY WARNING : Laughter is infectious! But this infection is good so go on spread it!

Keep Laughing! Cheers!

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