30-YO finds 1.5 crores worth diamond while digging the mine

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Published by Vijay Singh on 11 Oct 2018

Diamonds, who doesn’t love them? This happened at the Panna Diamond Mine in Madhya Pradesh. But it so happened that one morning when Motilal Prajapati, 30-year-old digger when off for his work just like a regular day and started with his work. Eventually, the man went digging and dug on to one of the biggest diamonds in the history of Panna’s shallow diamond mines.

The diamond mined by Mr. Motilal weight around 42.9 carats being the second heaviest of all in the history of Panna shallow diamond mines. The same thing happened in 1961 where the biggest diamond of 44.55 carats was found in the shallow mines of Panna reported Santosh Singh the diamond officer at Panna.

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The diamond officer, Santosh Singh also added, “The gem quality precious stone has been valued at over Rs 1.5 crore. We will auction it according to government rules in the coming days.”

Here is the picture of Mr Motilal holding the diamond firmly between his thumb and fore fingering and posing for the TV camera. Motilal says, “Maza aa gayaa. This would help serve his elderly mother and father. Hope the poverty of the family will go away.”

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He also added that his family is under debts. “This would not only help improve his family’s financial situation, I would be able to come out of the debt. My two children would be able to study in good schools.”

About Panna Diamond Mine

Panna is a town in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh and is very famous for diamond mines. It belongs to the administration of Panna District. Other than having a history and being a tourist attraction, Panna diamond mines are rich and cover 20 acres of land in mining diamonds. Other than this, it also covers a large stretch of tourism with tiger and is known as Panna National Park.

One fine morning, Mr Motilal Prajapat happened to be lucky to spot the second biggest diamond at the Panna Mining. This 42.9 carats diamond looks no less than a dream and costs around 1.5 crore. This has happened once before in 1961 where a normal man just like Mr Motilal was out for his work and stopped the biggest diamond of the Panna Mines being 44.55 carats.

For above 3000 years old, India was the only source of diamonds for the world unless one day, diamonds were found in Brazil, South Africa.

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