Actor Nihaar Pandya and Singer Neeti Mohan Pandya reply to some interesting valentine day questions

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Love, laugh and friendship are the three things characterize artist Neeti Mohan Pandya and entertainer Nihaar Pandya’s marriage, which occurred on February 15, 2019. Both being artists was unquestionably among the reasons why sparkles flew between the two, and the bond is solid to such an extent that they complete each other’s sentences when we converse with them!

The first time you met: Neeti Mohan Pandya (NMP) answered: I think September 2017 at our companion Jimmy Felix’s wedding in Goa. I have been single for a long time and I think Jimmy was sitting tight and making arrangements for the two of us to meet. Nihaar Pandya (NP) says: I had seen a photograph of Neeti more than two years prior and got some information about her and I let him know “inse mujhe milwa do”. Actually, I would remind him sometimes, yet Jimmy had exceptional plans (snickers).

Proposal: NMP: I needed to really remind him to go down on his knees and do the proper proposition thing. So we’re at his ranch house chilling when Nihaar had arranged everything with my sisters (Shakti and Mukti) and his sibling and his better half… While we were talking out of nowhere one of them played the melody Agar Tum Saath Ho, there was a shower of blossom petals and he went down on his knees… I was overpowered by the amazement

NP: See I am the best accomplice on the earth.

The idea of love:

NMP: Just being around him is so astonishing. I love his friendship.

NP: Your companions, cousins let you know don’t get hitched, bahut jhamela hain bhai what not. Be that as it may, at that point I met this young lady and my life changed. There so much love and understanding that I feel so appreciative to have her in my life.

Checking each other’s cell phones or messages: Both answers is negative.

Published by Nikita Kukreja on 14 Feb 2020

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