Actress Nidhi Agerwal talks about her initiative, distribute love which help people battling COVID-19

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Published by Arushi Agrawal on 18 Jun 2021

Actress Nidhi Agerwal had to see her family suffer through COVID-19. It was a really difficult time for her but this prompted her to help others in need. The actress started her own initiative called ‘Distribute Love’. Distribute Love is an online platform where people can request essentials by filling a form and stating their needs and then her team verifies the request for authenticity.

The Munna Michael actress talked about her initiative, “We check if the person or their family are suffering through COVID and upon verification, we provide them with essentials, free of cost. As of now, I’m bearing the costs myself however looking at the number of requests we’ve been receiving lately, we might need to start asking for donations.

The actor said that in her opinion, as a public figure it is her duty to help those who are not privileged enough. She said, “I feel there is a certain responsibility I have towards people as an actor. Usually, when people are sick, you take care of them by being with them but COVID is such that you cannot be near an infected person. I think that hit me. Some people have nobody to go out and buy things for them, nobody to make any food… so looking at all of that, I thought let me do whatever I can do.”

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