Actress Turned MP Nusrat Jahan Shares Pictures From Her Delayed Honeymoon 

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Bengali film actress turned MP Nusrat Jahan tied the knot with her beau Nikhil Jain two months ago and now they are on her much-delayed honeymoon. She has been sharing pictures from the honeymoon and they are worth to watch.

Nusrat is seen in a white and black striped crop top over a black bralette. She wore white pants and sunglasses to complete her look. With her western look, she wore red bangles and sindoor, which is the mark of a traditional bride.

Nusrat posted the pictures on her Instagram, “Its better to have ur head in the clouds and know where u are.. paradise has nvr been abtplaces,it exists in moments,in connection, in flashes across time.. pic courtesy hubbilicious @nikhiljain09,” she captioned the photos.

Check out the pictures here:

After getting married, Nusrat took her oath in parliament and the couple threw a reception for their close ones a month after they tied the knot.

Nusrat along with her friend and actress who also became Member of Parliament appeared in Aap Ki Adalat where while talking about marrying to a Jain, she said, “Nobody has the right to snatch away my religion and my faith (imaan). If I am not in direct contact with Allah, then I’m hoping that others too have also no such direct contact. Religion is a matter of faith and my faith is solid (pakka). By sporting ‘sindoor’ and wearing mangal sutra, I do not lose my faith.”

She also said: “I had pulled the Jagannath chariot in the past too in Mayapur (West Bengal). I was not married at that time. At that time, some people told me I have changed my religion. I genuinely feel that religion should be from the heart, not from the mind.”

She further said: “i love is my religion, which I have inherited from my father and my family. I have read the Hadees and Holy Qoran. My father taught me that one’s religion comes from the heart. My father is a Haji Saheb.  I was mocked after my marriage. But I feel, love has no language. How do I explain this to people. Some day people will start thinking about it, may be the New Age India is thinking about it. Without love, nobody can become a maulana or a pandit. All religious scholars should also study love.”

Published by Mamatha Reddy on 02 Aug 2019

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