Never Take Advantage Of Love Fans Give Me But Try To Work Even Harder: Rani Mukerji

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Published by Ricky Tandon on 21 Mar 2020

Bollywood beauty Rani Mukerji is a well-known actress, doting mom, ideal wife, and best daughter. She knows the perfect meaning of balancing personal life and profession. The actress has been ruling hearts for years. Rani dominated the film front during the 2000s and after getting married and embracing motherhood, she proved all her critics wrong by delivering three superhits including Mardaani, Hichki and Mardaani 2.

Rani, who is celebrating her birth anniversary today, had a candid chat with media people. During the fun-filled chit-chat, she talked about her baby Adira, films, life, and life partner Aditya Chopra.

When media people asked the actress how your idea of birthday changed over the years, she replied, “I’m a huge birthday person but I have always had exams going on around my birthday. So I have never been able to celebrate it well as a kid ever.. It’s only after I got married that my husband (Aditya Chopra) celebrates my birthday. I’m that complete birthday person who loves balloons, samosas, sandwiches, chips, cake (smiles). But none of that happens now. Those days have gone and now, I go all out for my daughter Adira’s birthday.”

On celebrating her big day, Rani said that she loves to spend some special time with her family (Adi and Adira).

On being asked, when you started off, did people say that you will only have a limited shelf life because you’re a heroine, she said, “Right from the beginning of my career, these talks have always been going on. These are still relevant today because there are a few who still talk like that. It’s not just about marriage and having kids. It’s also about what kind of roles you’re choosing, the relatability that people have with your character and your age, as opposed to trying to be somebody who you’re not. These are the things that one needs to question and ask. If you do those things today, you might not be relevant. Being married doesn’t give you wings, this and having kids are all episodes of your life. But well do you maintain yourself to come in front of the camera? These things count.”

During Hichki’s release, Rani was insecure of the reaction, but both Hichki and Mardaani 2 remained big hits. On this, the actress, said, “The audiences have made themselves understand that marriage and having a kid are parts of her life. She’s an actor for us and she will always remain that way, as long as I’m giving them what an actor should give back. I can never take advantage of the love they give me. I probably should work even harder to make them believe that I’m the character.”

Mardaani 2 has become the top-grossing female-centric movie during the last few months, after beating Chapaak, Panga, Thappad. On this, Rani said that she feels really good that the viewers have given the movie so much love, makes her really happy.

On being asked about Adira, rani said, “Yes, she understands I’m an actor. She’s growing up so of course, now I can do more films. She’s very supportive and at her age, she’s so mature. She’s just four and I’m blessed to have a child-like her. She understands now that I’m going for shooting and it breaks my heart now, every time I leave her knowing she would miss me, but she’s very independent as a child. She gets that from her father. Then, there will be days when she will be expressing how much she misses me and then, there will also be days where she will be okay with me working. I’m happy that the balance has been created this early. I don’t shoot long hours. Even if I’m shooting, I’m particular about my timings.”

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