After Authorities Failed To Fulfill Requests, Villagers Collected 50k to Set Up Bus Stand

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Published by Vijay Singh on 11 Jul 2018

As per reports, the dwellers of Shahbajpur Istmurar village located in the Rewari region of Haryana had suffered a lot while boarding buses.

The people had suffered burning heat and heavy rains for the longest time while waiting for the buses as there was no bus stand in the village.

The village which has more than 2,000 people remained without bus stand for long.

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During the rough weather conditions, with no cover in position, the females, kids and particularly, aged people keep on waiting for long hours under the open skies. Sometimes, they turned victims of road mishaps.

When the residents of the area asked the panchayat and associated authorities to construct a bus stand to stay away from such cases, their pleas remained unfulfilled every time.

The administrators were not taking action in spite of frequent requests by the residents of the village. When all plans showcased no result, they made up their mind to solve the matter themselves. The villagers started gathering funds from within their village and set up the bus stand themselves.

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At the moment, this village has turned out to be an outstanding instance of citizen proactiveness.

While talking to media people, the village sarpanch, Atar Singh said that they made a lot of attempts to solve the problem of the villagers and forwarded their requests to the development authorities. But every time, the authorities ignored their pleas. Then two villagers including Mangturam and Krishna gathered funds for the construction of the bus stand.

“The villagers extended their unconditional support and pooled in Rs 50,000 to arrange for electricity, water and tin sheets, to build the structure. Everyone who passed by this bus stand did not fail to marvel at the handiwork of the villagers,” the report said.

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Mangturam, who is currently retired, has also accepted the task of the preservation and repair work and the other residents have also smartened up the space by planting saplings.

It is really ill-fated that the concerned authorities failed to fulfil their duty, but it is wonderful to witness a rural society being fervent about bringing in change and development, in spite of resistance from outside factors!

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