After UberEats supported Zomato, hashtags of boycotting UberEats is trending

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Published by Lokendra Sharma on 02 Aug 2019

One day after an incident took place, which involved a delivery person with food delivery app Zomato, on Twitter #BoycottUberEats trending because the brand supported their competitor.

In a strange turn of events, food delivery app competitors, Zomato and Uber Eats, have come together as a result of religious bigotry of a customer. 

Amit Shukla from Jabalpur, on Tuesday night, tweeted about cancelling his order placed on Zomato as the designated delivery boy was not of his religion.


Shukla said that he just cancelled an order on @ZomatoIN as they allocated a rider, who wasn’t of his religion, for his food and they said they can’t change rider and can’t refund on cancellation on which he said they can’t force him to take a delivery he doesn’t want, don’t refund and just cancel.


Zomato, in response to Shukla’s tweet, responded that food has no religion. food is a religion. The tweet by Shukla stirred a heated and massive debate on social media, with some supporting Zomato for calling out its customer’s bigotry while others said that the food delivery app is not honoring the customers religious sentiments.

Many Twitter users said they will uninstall the app as they are irked with Zomato’s response. There were others who heaped praises on Zomato and bought one-year subscriptions as a token of appreciation.  Among those its arch rival Uber Eats also came in support of the Zomato. Uber Eats through a tweet said  – ‘We stand by you’.

Many users who were showing their anger towards Zomato diverted it at Uber Eats after this tweet. The tweets of giving the hashtag – #BoycottUberEats is trending on top in India.


The tweets against Zomato and UberEats may trend on top, but the voice against religious discrimination has brought the two competitors together.


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