AgroWave, a start-up by Anu Meena helps the farmers flourish

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Published by Vijay Singh on 17 May 2018

Start-ups are always welcomed in the developing country like India. Here, we have another start-up story of Anu Meena who has used the technology to bridge up the gap between farmers and the business.

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Anu Mena belongs to a small village of Manoli from Rajasthan and she has seen her grandfather farm and raise money for the family. Little Anu has also seen her family working so hard but getting back so little and since then it was on her mind to do something and solve this problem. Anu wanted to solve this problem and it was not only for her grandfather but it was for the entire primary sector of farming.

“It’s about India’s 13 percent GDP which comes from agriculture — a sector which is highly unorganised. The incorporation of technology for organising it will take time,” says Anu.

Anu wanted to provide the farmers with the best and eliminate the middlemen who took most of the money. And with this on her mind, she started a new venture called AgroWave with Arun Yadav who had more than 6 years of experience in agriculture supply chains. Now, Arun is the head operator at AgroWave.

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Now, you might be wondering as to how do this work?

The start-up has a procure of freshly produced fruits and vegetables from the farmers and they distribute this directly to the business sector removing the middlemen. They use analytics to match the supply and demand rates by predicting the previous volume, demand, product, frequency and so on.

This organization is based in Gurgaon and it gets its supply of products from the framers in Panipat, Rajasthan, Sonipath and Harpur. This is what Anu has to say about getting the supplies:

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“In the current system, an agent in the village buys the product and sells it at the local mandi, and then it goes to businesses. We provide better prices because we procure directly from them. For instance, if a farmer sells potatoes for Rs 3-4 per kg, we pay him Rs 5 per kg — a 25 percent increase which is significant.”

The AgroWave is earning 50,000 daily. This is a huge amount and helps the farmers to get their fair price.

“We will train farmers so that they can sell their products by themselves. We plan to tie up with government initiatives and farmer producer organizations (FPOs) for this. We also provide logistics support to the farmers who are not able to make such arrangements for themselves,” says Anu.

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AgroWave has also generated an undisclosed amount of seed funds from Daffodil Software which is founded by Yogesh Agarwal, who has helped this start-up in its initial days.

When speaking of the challenges faced, this young entrepreneur said:

“As of now, we are not using any third party for logistics, so that is one challenge. Quality mapping is the other. Mapping the quality as per customer need is a difficult task and it takes time. It’s not easy to reach out to each farmer; we have on board around 50 farmers but doing this on a large scale is difficult. We want to tie up with the government so that we can associate with more farmers.”

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This start-up has really helped the farmers to make their own move and earn what they deserve. Usually, this section of the business sector has always been ignored by the upper sectors. We need people like Anu to get innovations and make a better tomorrow for the primary sector.

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