Aishwarya Rai Bachchan still manages to influence fashion industry with her fashion choices

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Published by Mamatha Reddy on 31 Jul 2019

Back those days of 90’s were one of the greatest days ever lived by the people as they were not dominated by the technology at all and the concept of chilling out and playing in parks were cool. Indeed 90s was a cooler decade. However, the fashion world of the time saw a change and there were many drastic changes that took place in the fashion industry.

Many Bollywood divas ruled out the time with their fashion choices and even today they still wow us out and dominate the industry. One such actress is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. The actress who not only won the Miss India pageant but also the prestigious Miss World pageant. All around the world Aish is still considered one of the beautiful women and the trends brought up by here are still relevant today.

Have a look at the various avatars of the gorgeous Aish:

The actress for a very long time chose to flaunt her beautiful eyes without any type of eye makeup. She always remained grounded with basics like she opted to donned up in foundation and oodles of Mascara. The no make up look of her is simple and yet effective.

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Do you remember the iconic white look of Ash from Ramta Jogi? Back in 1999, she appeared in a gown in Taal. The headgear with gown is still a fashion goals. She can be given a credit to do the starting of the co-ords trend way before than the trend even had a name.

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Though she is often spotted wearing safer and royal clothes, she opted to experiment with most of the trends back in 90s. In film Josh, she wore mini skirts, dungarees and crop tops that are still in trend in the fashion world.

Even today the charm of the actress is not gone anywhere. She still looks beautiful in every outfit she chose to wear. Her fashion choices whether it be on a Cannes red carpet or any other fashion outings still manages to inspire many people.

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