Alia Bhatt would have tattoo of 8 as it’s Ranbir’s jersey no

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Published by Lokendra Sharma on 05 Aug 2019

On the occasion of Friendships Day, while the world is celebrating it by posting photos and special notes for their best friends, Alia Bhatt took things a notch higher. With her YouTube channel, the Sadak 2 star has been spilling a lot of beans lately. Recently, she revealed her morning routine on the sets of Sadak 2 in Ooty. And now she made a special video with her BFF Akansha Ranjan and shared some interesting insights into her life through her channel. Alia and her best friend played the game of “How well do you know your best friend” to celebrate the special Day. 

In the video that is shared by Alia on her own channel, the 26-year-old star and Akansha can be seen seated on the sofa with a bowl full of questions written on a few paper cheats. Both the ladies take turns to ask one another a question and they get a point if their answers match. There were all sorts of questions asked and many interesting details were also revealed. One of the many questions asked to Alia included if she had to have a tattoo then which is a possible tattoo she would get? 

Her friend, Akansha admitted that Alia might never get a tattoo. But if she does, Akansha guessed that it would be of Smokey or Shrada. Though Alia, to Akansha’s surprise, said she would want to get the number 8 inked on her body. Avid Ranbir Kapoor fans would know that number 8 is Ranbir’s football jersey number. At football events, he has been sported wearing the number 8 jersey. During the filming of Brahmastra, Alia too was seen sporting the number 8 jersey. She had shared a picture flaunting the 8 on her back on a blue jersey.


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