AMAZING: Passengers loved this cabin crew’s unique way of explaining instructions

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The comic style of this cabin crew member will surely leave you in splits. Watch the video.

The video of a cabin crew member is getting popular on social media nowadays. But what is the thing that is making the video this popular? Well, let us tell you that it is the crew members comic style of delivering instructions to the passengers traveling in the airplane.

The crew was informing the passengers in the airplane about the safety measures to be taken while traveling. The member who was informing the passengers were seen being witty during the whole explanation. The passengers too enjoyed the crew members unique way of demonstration. The manner to tighten up the seat belt, how to use oxygen mask in case of emergency are all kinda instructions passengers get when they board their respective flights but this set of instructions were proved to be a great deal of amusement for the passengers.

The video got viral in no time and people loved the way he demonstrated the instructions to his fellow passengers. And viewers loved the way he was enjoying his daily job.

The pre-flight security briefing is a point by point demonstration given before take-off to travelers about the safety features of the aircraft they are on board.


The crew of an airplane will guarantee that all travelers are orally informed before each take-off, therefore, and relying upon the inflight system in the airship, just as the aircraft’s approach, aircraft may convey a pre-recorded instructions or give a live demonstration. A live exhibit is performed by an airline crew standing up in the passageway/s, while another airline steward describes over the public address system. A pre-recorded instructions may include sound just or may appear as a video (sound in addition to visual). Pre-flight security briefings commonly last two to six minutes. In thought for travelers not speaking the carrier’s authentic language and for the travelers with hearing issues, the video may highlight captions or might be rehashed in another language.

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Published by Lokendra Sharma on 08 Jul 2019

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