Amazon’s delivery boy innovates unique way to deliver parcels, rides horse in snow claded roads

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Published by Lokendra Sharma on 13 Jan 2021

In the past few months rate of online shopping has increased rapidly. People seems to avoid ondoor shopping in order to keep them safe. As a result many websites like Amazon had increased their network and delivery services as well. Meanwhile a bizzare incident reported from Kashmir which left everyone stunned. A delivery boy innovated a new way to deliver parcels in the area. 

Recently an Amazon delivery boy was captured, distributing parcels in a different way. He was seen riding a horse on the snow covered roads in Kashmir and delivering parcels to customers. After a heavy snow fall all the roads and Street are covered with snow in Srinagar. Over 12 inches of snow was recorded in north Kashmir’s plains while south Kashmir is up to in 5 feet of snow. But the delivery boy innovated a unique way to complete his work on time. 

This incident came into highlights when a photo journalist, Umar Ganie shared the video on his Twitter account. In the video delivery boy was seen delivering parcels and following all the safety measures as well. He covered his face with a white coloured mask. 

His video is now going viral on social media, and it shows the company’s business innovation. Everyone is praising the delivery boy for his dedication and innovation. Many social media users commented and tagged Amazon’s CEO Jezz Bezos and said he will be so happy to see his workers working with this level of dedication. 

There are so many comments on video which reads, that now Amazon is inspired by popular Turkish series Ertuğrul. One social media user commented that, “Amazon should deliver the Corona vaccines so that it would be delivered on time without any fail. And within 3 days if you are prime user”. While many users commented that Amazon never fails to deliver parcels on time. 

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