AMERICA : Teenage sisters arranged 10 Crore Rupees for clean water.

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·        They did it by selling origami products.

·        Then donated this amount to help 170 water projects running across 17 countries.


Texas.  If you want to do something then it does not matter  what your age is ? The only thing needed is firm determination. It has been proved by two American sisters. Thousands of people will get clean water by their endeavor.

15 years old Isabel and 12 years old Catherine Adems living in Dallas of Texas have hobby of Japanese art called Origami.They utilized their hobby `to make clean water available for the people.They made an organization named ‘paper for water’ and arranged more than 10 Crore Rupees by selling origami products .

They made origami jewelries and show pieces


  • In 2012, when Isabel and Catherine were 8 and 5 years old respectively, they came to know that women from developing countries cannot get education because they need to get clean water from far places. Many a times it happens that they spend their whole day just to do this task. This information was shocking for both of them and they got inspired to do something for these women.
  • They decided to make origami jewelries and show pieces. These jewelries made by paper were very small endeavor to resolve this big issue but their spirit made it possible to arrange 10 Crore Rupees  in last few years. They donated this amount for 170 water projects running across 17 countries.

According to WHO/UNICEF 2017, nearly  2.1 billion people lack access to safely managed drinking water services, it means that even their survival is in danger. Hence, we need more people like Isabel  and Catherine  who think about the survival of others as well and do something about it.


Published by Lokendra Sharma on 31 May 2019

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