Amitabh Bachchan Once Asked His Father: Humein Paida Kyun Kia

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Published by Admin on 05 Sep 2018

Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan is one again back on the small screen for the hit television reality show ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ season 10. The second episode of the show was aired recently in which we saw some interesting question-answer rounds along with some emotional moments.

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In the second episode, we saw Somesh Choudhary from Bhagalpur in Bihar who is a ticket examiner in Indian Railway . While talking to him, Big B got nostalgic and remembered the days when he was young. He shared a bitter moment from the days he was young. He said that once he was so frustrated that he asked his father Harivansh Rai Bachchan ‘Aapne Humein Paida Kyun Kia?’

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He shared that after graduation, he had no job in his hands for  a long time. And the feeling of being unemployed made him frustrated. At that time, one of his friends told him that “the problem was not us, it was our father jisme humein paida kiya (it was our father’s fault who brought us into this world.)”

Young Amitabh then went to his father and angrily asked, “aapne humein paida kyun kiya (Why did you bring us into this world?)”

His father, who was a poet didn’t answer him instantly. He instead left a note for him before leaving for his morning walk at 4 am one day. The note had a poem written by him titled ‘Nayi Leek’.

Here’s what Harivansh Ji had penned down:

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Amitabh Bachchan shared a great bond with his father.

He once shared, “There are no excuses in life and no blame. Every morning is a fresh challenge. Either you learn to pick up the gauntlet and fight or learn to surrender to it. So long as there is life, there is struggle!”

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On the occassion of Father’s day, he wrote, “Every day is Father’s Day … har din Babuji ke naam .. Papa ke naam .. aur hamesha Maa ke naam !! (everyday for mother and father.) In another tweet, he adds, “कहते हैं आज Fathers Day है .. न जाने कौन ये तय करता है !! मेरे लिए तो हर दिन हर क्षण पूज्य Babuji के नाम होता है ! -अब सब कह ही रहे हैं, तो चलिए, हम भी कहे देते हैं Happy Father’s Day !”

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