These Amazing Facts About Ancient India Will Make You Proud

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India is known for its vast history and is one of the biggest countries in South Asia. This country has over 1.2 billion people having their democracy which is the most celebrated one in the world. Also known as Bharat, India has various cultures actually the vast culture and also known for religion, mercy, heritage, food and more other things that the other countries adore.

India or we should say the Golden Bird as it had a lot of gold has an extensive prosperous past. Not only this, but we should be proud of our ancient epics, scriptures, discoveries, and history!

Let’s take a look at the inspiring and beautiful facts about INDIA:

YOGA is ours. It was invented in ancient time. It is a mental, spiritual and physical practice that’s been a part of India’s culture for over 5000 years. As mentioned in the Rigveda, yoga was invented by Patanjali.

The value of PI was first calculated by the Indian Mathematician Baudhayana and explained the Pythagoras theorem. Interestingly, he discovered it in the 6th century way before the Europeans did. Feeling proud!

Varanasi is the ancient city as it was known in 500 BC when Lord Buddha came here. It is believed as the holy place as people come here to wash off their sins in Ganga. Also called as Banaras earlier, this city is one of the oldest in the world. “Benaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend and looks twice as old as all of them put together,” said the great Mark Twain.

People believed that no life exists in the fire but it was wrong, as per modern science. But in Vedas, it is said that fire bacteria actually exist. 

Another thing we should be proud of is that the game of Chess has its origin in India before the 6th century AD. The famous two-player indoor game is also known as shatranj and it was from India which later spread to Persia.

Well, how you guys find these facts?

Published by Soniya Kaur on 04 Dec 2018

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