Arbaaz Khan talks about the toxic social media cancel culture, expresses his disappointment with the disparity

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Published by Arushi Agrawal on 14 Jul 2021

Actor-Producer-Director Arbaaz Khan expressed his displeasure about the prevailing cancel culture on social media in a recent talk. He called it toxic and was furious at the disparity between celebrities and regular people.

When questioned about the fact that celebrities call out online trollers but rely on that publicity to land roles, Arbaaz explained his stance with an example. Arbaaz said that if you’re a celebrity and by mistake park your car in a no car park zone, even that will lead to severe online trolling and social media hate. It can even lead to statements like now he/she will be dropped from that movie. The act has a fine of merely 250 rupees but the kind of negative publicity it brings is too much. On the other hand, a common person can get away with anything. They can troll and abuse a celebrity, their whole family, and yet have no repercussions.

Arbaaz further continued and said that he thinks Social media works in a very strange way, a celebrity can’t even express their views or have a cigarette in his hand without risking firing while nameless and faceless people on social media can do whatever they want without thinking of the slightest effects of their actions.

Arbaaz Khan will be back on July 21st with season two of his talk show Pinch which features celebrities like Ananya Panday, Salman Khan, and Farah Khan.

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