Ashish Vidyarthi reacts to facing criticism for his second marriage at the age of 57

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Published by News Desk on 08 Jun 2023

Veteran actor Ashish Vidyarthi married Rupali Barua in Kolkata a couple of weeks ago. He was earlier married to actress Piloo Vidyarthi, and has recently opened up on criticism he received for tying the knot at the age of 57.

In an interview with India Today, the veteran actor shared that he read the comments on social media post his second marriage, and “read words like ‘Buddha- khoosat (a man who is old and decreipt)’ and many other derogatory words.” He added that a person legally marrying another person, who is also keen to have a life with love should be supported. He mentioned, “What are these walls we are creating for everyone?”

Speaking of the term ‘Buddha’, Ashish mentioned that it is something which¬† has been passed on by each one of us. “We are telling ourselves. ‘Hey, listen, don’t do things just because you’re old? So, does that mean you’re supposed to die unhappy.” stated the veteran.

Ashish tied the knot with Rupali, last month, in a private ceremony in Kolkata. While Rupali was dressed in white and golden saree, Ashish had worn off-white ethnic outfit. She hails from Guwahati and is an entrepreneur.

Ashish got divorced from his first wife, Piloo, in 2022.

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