Australia Has An Innovative Way To Clean Waste From Oceans

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Published by Admin on 21 Aug 2018

Australia has found an innovative way to clean plastic from the water bodies. The reusable nets are put up into the tubing to prevent garbage of at least 5 millimeters from entering the lakes, rivers and ultimately into the oceans. It is a cost-effective technique that require minimum maintenance. Moreover, it is a simple and effective method to keep the water bodies clean.

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This is not a new technique but is being used in different parts of Australia for over last 15 years. These nets not only prevents plasic from entering the ocean, but also the organic materials like leaves etc. One can find these nets placed near urban cities like Sydney where the pollution is more and needed to be dealt. The meshes that are made of stainless steel are placed at the opening of the piping. The water easy flows through these nets while it stops the garbage.

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The construction company is responsible to empty the nets after a time interval of 3 months or depending on the volume of waste or rainfall. The cleaning process is also easy. It requires only 3 people and a crane to clean up in just 3 hours.

A 2016 report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation stated that unless things changed now, by 2050 the ocean would contain a greater mass of plastic waste than fish.

Australia is working hard to keep the water bodies clean. It’s high time that India should take lessons too.

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