Bacteriophages present in Ganga-Yamuna water can treat infections & ailments

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Published by Lokendra Sharma on 31 Jul 2019

There are many aliments which happens to the body, that cannot even be treated with antibiotic medicines, because the bacteria in the body have learned to fight with anti-bacterial. For this kind of case, Professor Gopal Nath of Institute of Medical Science at Banaras Hindu University has prepared a healing treatment with the help of bacteriophages, by which serious ailmets of the patients can be treated.


Professor discovered that bacteriophageous generally can be found everywhere, but the biggest source of them are the rivers like Ganga, Yamuna and Ghagghara. Bacteriophages can be found where the water of the river is grimy. When this treatment was applied over animals, even canker in the bone started getting cured.

Bigger infections can also be treated

Professor Nath said that some types of bacteriophages are tried on patients who were suffering from burn or infection and they got success. Some have also been tried on Rabbit. With the help of bacteriophages, bigger infections can also be treated. In the research, it has been tried over both diabetic and non-diabetic people.


Bacteriophages eat other bacterias

Bacteriophageous means bacteria eaters. Wherever bacterias are found, bacteriophages are also present to eat them. These bacteriophages are present in water, earth, air and in many parts of the body. These bacteriophages keep killing the bacterias and in this process, some bacteria dies whereas some remains and hence bacteriophages and bacteria both are present.


Cocktail Treatment

Professor Nath said that we inject bacteriophages that are effective on the related disease at the place of infection and this process is called healing. Bacteriophages start eating bacteria of the infected spot. Healing is given daily for several weeks and the infection or ailment is treated.  


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