Bad Karma forces ketchup thief to buy new bottles for US restaurant

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Published by Ricky Tandon on 09 Aug 2019

In an interesting incident in the United States, an anonymous thief, came up with an act that really surprised everyone. He recently stole a bottle of ketchup from a US restaurant and after some time, he replaced the bottle with two bottles citing an interesting reason. He said that he has been suffering a lot of bad karma after he stole the ketchup from the hotel and he really wants to make it up for that. So he thought of buying two bottles of ketchup and providing it to the restaurant from where he stole it.

This interesting incident took place at a restaurant in New Jersey in the US and the owner of the restaurant was indeed surprised to see two extra bottles of ketchup and a handwritten note that was placed near the bottles. In the note, it was clearly explained as why the two bottles were there. As per the note, after stealing a bottle of ketchup from the restaurant, the person started facing a string of bad luck, which included a car accident.

In the letter, it was written, “I am as square as they come and this is the worst thing I’ve done. Well, a few hours [after] I did it, someone crashed into my car, and since then my karma, luck and life have been shit.”

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Perkins Resturant, Port Charlotte, Florida

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In the end, the letter was also signed as “an awful person”. The thief also said that he hopes that things become back to normal after this. The photos of the bottles and the letter was shared on a Facebook group and the owner of the restaurant said that he have forgiven the man and also wished him all the best from the lessons he have learned. Even though nobody noticed the missing bottles, the restaurant manager was really touched by this interesting gesture and also considered hiring the thief.

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