Barber shaves off his hair in support of his mother fighting cancer, his friends join in too

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Published by Aman Shukla on 13 May 2023

Fighting cancer is never easy. People suffering from this deadly disease require all the help they can get. Fortunately, there are people who do their best to make the lives of individuals with cancer a bit easier, even if it is only by offering emotional support. One such touching gesture is captured in this viral video. The video shared on Twitter shows a son shaving his head to support his mom who is fighting cancer. Not only that, but his friends join in to surprise her.

The video is shared on the Twitter account Good News Movement. Posting the video they penned, “NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE. This barber shaves his head in solidarity with his mother who is fighting cancer. If that wasn’t emotional enough, his friends and work colleagues join in and surprise her as well.”

The video begins with a man shaving his mother’s head, who becomes emotional at one point. After he finishes cutting her hair, he grabs the razor and begins shaving his head, surprising his mother. After that, his colleagues come forward one by one to get their heads shaved.

Many people reacted to the video. One wrote, “Beautiful.” Another said, “Beautiful souls.”  One user commented, “I cry as I see this healing collaboration of LOVE.”


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