BB 13: Shehnaaz is over-possessive for Sidharth’s attention and the recent instances prove it

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Bigg Boss 13’s special highlights are Sidharth and Shehnaaz. We’ve seen numerous ‘Nok Jhok’ and romantic moments between them. But we are noticing the over-possessive side of Shehnaaz for Sidharth. It’s not the fact that this thing is happening just from now. there have been numerous incidences that prove to us that Shehnaaz is in deeply love with Sidharth and she wants his attention.

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It has been regularly observed that she doesn’t care for him in any event, conversing with different housemates. The host Salman Khan additionally cautioned Sidharth of Shehnaaz’s rankling fixation on him. Here are some three occurrences which will demonstrate that Shehnaaz is passionate about Sidharth.

Here are 3 moments that show that Shehnaaz is over-passionate about Sidharth

Where everything started-

The solid bond between Sidharth and Shehnaaz was being seen once they began sharing their bed. When Shehnaaz became the captain, she constrained Sidharth to share her bed in the captain’s room. She likewise stood out enough to be noticed divided among her and Paras as well as Mahira. In one of the episodes, she likewise pitched a scene when she saw Sidharth conversing with Arti during the captaincy task.

When Shehnaaz couldn’t bear the ‘jealousy’ mark-

Despite the fact that Shehnaaz constantly kept up that she isn’t at all envious of Mahira Sharma, she became sad when Sidharth called her envious of Mahira. She went into action of wrath and created huge chaos inside the house. Shehnaaz began crying and hitting herself after the entire issue. It just demonstrated how influenced she was with Sidharth’s words.

When Shehnaaz said that she needs Sidharth’s adoration and not the trophy-

In the wake of making tremendous issues before having Salman Khan in the house, Shehnaaz has demonstrated her words for Sidharth that her love for Sidharth is much greater than anything. In Monday’s scene, she will be seen embracing Sidharth and mumbling ‘I love you’ to him. She likewise makes a stunning revelation. Shehnaaz says that she isn’t here to win the trophy yet to win him.

Shehnaaz Gill has risen to be one of the most well-known candidates of this season. Numerous big names have noticed her affection in the show. She additionally has a huge fan-following social media that trends hashtags like SidNaaz. It will be engaging to watchc how their relation goes ahead in the show.

Published by Ishan Soni on 14 Jan 2020

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